Strategic Advisory


I help global leaders understand how law and politics affect their work.

I help leaders build inclusive, high-performing teams.

I help leaders understand and mitigate geopolitical risk applying my PRAMTU (TM) framework.

I speak and consult for public and private sector organizations and serve as an expert for legal proceedings. Topics include:

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I help organizations understand and mitigate Geopolitical Risk using my unique Risk Management Framework. I developed this framework based on 15+ years of political science research in the developing world, 5+ years working at the United Nations with the public and private sectors on the risks and opportunities of migration, and my work teaching and advising on strategic considerations for military operational planning for the U.S. Military. 

I speak on inclusive leadership and consult with organizations and individuals on building the traits that make good leaders great. I bring lessons from my work teaching the U.S. Marine Corps–the world’s best team-builders–to help leaders and organizations create environments of trust where all team members will grow and thrive.

I have helped organizations to develop Strategic Plans for projects and conducted research for programs, including fieldwork abroad. I help organizations integrate academic research and research tools into their programs and strategic plans and make complex research accessible to their clients. 

I have consulted for organizations including a major international risk consulting firm, a Marine unit at a Combatant Command, The Henry L. Stimson Center, T’ruah, and the International Institute for Education.


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