Career Mentoring

Career & Academic Mentoring

As a faculty adviser at Harvard University and Marine Corps University-Command and Staff college, and in my private practice, I have successfully mentored hundreds of students interested in law school, graduate school, and careers in law, international relations, and national security. As a writing instructor and college interviewer for nearly 20 years, I can guarantee polished essays and writing samples that will stand out.

I have coached students through graduate school applications and early and mid-career job searches and transitions. My mentees have attended some of the top law schools and graduate schools in the country, including Harvard Law School, Yale Law School, and Northwestern Law School, and are working at prestigious law firms, government agencies, and in the public, private, and non-profit sectors all over the world.

Successful Applicants Start Early!

I offer both short-term career consulting and 3-12 month mentoring programs for law school and graduate application processes, including essay consultation and review and interview coaching.

My most successful law school and graduate school applicants begin their application processes 6-9 months before the earliest application deadlines. Starting early leaves adequate time for discovering the ideal program and institution, developing an application strategy and execution plan, building a network, soliciting recommendations, and essay, development, revision, and review. Interview preparation will follow successful completion of the application.

Slots for my mentoring and application advising programs are limited and in high demand. Contact me for a free consultation to discuss a customized package.

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