Leadership & Book Coaching

I coach business leaders to develop their products and presentations and find their voices as leaders. 
I coach students and professionals to achieve the education and careers of their dreams. 
You’ve got a book in you. I’ll help you find it.


I have successfully coached hundreds of students and leaders to reach their educational goals and careers of their dreams. In my private practice, I draw on 15+ years of award-winning experience as a faculty adviser at Harvard University and Marine Corps University. My students have won numerous writing awards and published their article and book-length projects. I have received a 100x Positive Intelligence Coaching Grant for my work. 

For Business Leaders

Business leaders come to me with skills and ideas that they are not sure how to sell or put in writing. I help them develop their ideas into books, services, presentations, and online products. I help them develop a leadership mindset and find their executive voice. I teach critical thinking skills that bring value and results. I coach articles, op-eds, and books from start to finish, making them thought leaders in their fields. 

For Students

I mentor and consult on graduate school and job application processes, including writing skills, interview skills, and developing the application package. As a writing instructor and college interviewer for nearly 20 years, I can guarantee polished essays and writing samples that will stand out. I help applications translate their skills and experience to what admissions officers want to see.

My mentees have attended some of the top law schools and graduate schools in the country, including Harvard Law School, Yale Law School, and Northwestern Law School, and are working at prestigious law firms, government agencies, and in the public, private, and non-profit sectors all over the world.


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