Hi, I’m Dr. Jill Goldenziel. I’m a Professor at Marine Corps University and a consultant on law, leadership, and international security. I’ve studied refugees and migration for 15 years. I’ve published widely on the topic in academic journals and in the press. I worked on the Global Compact for Migration at the U.N. and am now working on its implementation and follow-up. And I’m writing a book on how politicization of refugee and migration crises harms national security. 

I’ve been overwhelmed with questions since the U.S. announced its pullout from Afghanistan, so I made this FAQ. It’s for anyone who wants to help Afghans under threat–including lawyers, non-lawyers, people who want to sponsor Afghans for Humanitarian Parole, and people who want to assist them in the US. I hope you find it helpful. 

Interested in Applying For Humanitarian Parole, Helping Someone Apply, Sponsoring an Afghan, or Learning About It? Check out my Guidance on How To Apply for Humanitarian Parole too. IMPORTANT NOTE: Humanitarian Parole application fees are $575/person, NOT $590 as initially stated on the guidance.  

Got more questions?  Contact me, and I’ll try to answer them in an upcoming email or update to the FAQ. For more updates on how to help Afghans under threat, join my mailing list.

Important Note: If you or someone you love is an Afghan seeking to leave Afghanistan, I cannot personally help you with your applications at this time. Please contact one of the excellent organizations mentioned in the FAQ–you’ll be in good hands.

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